Chapter and Verse September 2007

The Chapter and Verse Blog has returned after a brief, mysterious absence. The reading series has kept on regardless – the fall series kicked off September 1st with Ish Klein and Linh Dinh. They brought us news from the future. In that future, laughing and crying make a circle and sometimes you don’t know which one you’re doing.

I noticed that Ish stood back from the audience and we all gravitated toward her. Linh stood close to the audience and planted poems in our most private, secrecy-ridden places. To look into some of those places, check out Detainees. To watch a video of Linh reading at Chapterhouse back in July, click here. To read some poems by Ish, click here.

Next reading is Saturday, September 29 at 8pm: Jenn McCreary, Kevin Varrone, & Christian Tebordo.

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