Feb 9: Raha, Belluomini, Collins

Three writers for us this Saturday, February 9th at Chapterhouse - show begins 8pm - See you then!

DANIEL R. COLLINS is a poet, musician and documentary filmmaker currently living in Media, Pennsylvania. His poetry stems from his close connection with the wilderness, drawn from his childhood experiences in rural Maine, and is informed by his travels underground and overground through the blurred alleys, mountain passes, highways and byways of this strange world. His book of go and why was published in 2007 by Plan B Press. He has performed poetry and music at venues all over the East Coast. Listen to some of his music here.

MICHELE BELLUOMINI's second book of poetry, Crazy Mary (Plan B Press), explores marginalized characters in Philadelphia, including `Crazy Mary', an eccentric who appears around town displaying her peculiarities and giving insights, through behavior, to life. Belluomini's work has appeared in numerous journals, including American Writing and NOW! (then): The Eternal Now Poetry Anthology. She has been a recipient of a Leeway Foundation "Window of Opportunity" award for travel to Mexico to collect Huichol Indian mythology and folklore. She is a literature librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia, where she helps coordinate the "Monday Poets" poetry series.

MARIA RAHA is the author of Cinderella’s Big Score: Women of the Punk & Indie Underground, published by Seal Press in 2005. Her work has also appeared in Young Wives’ Tales, published by Seal Press in 2001, and in the Feminist Press anthology The W Effect: Bush’s War on Women in 2004. She is the managing editor of the NYC-based art and music journal Swingset and author of the blog Stick It Up Yr Ashcroft. Her second full-length book will be published in the fall. If anyone has a good idea for a title, please let her know.

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