March 29: Skaja, McCoskey, Bowen

Saturday, March 29th come hear three poets from Temple University's Creative Writing Program:

LIA McCOSKEY grew up outside of Detroit, MI in a brown wood and brick house surrounded by oak trees. She dearly misses the sound of tree frogs and crickets. She is concerned and intrigued by hybrid poetry, and how poetry reacts and interacts with history. She can be reached at: mccoskey@temple.edu

JEREMIAH RUSH BOWEN lives in Philadelphia. He is currently at work on three book-length poems: Sense, a meditation on sentition, sententia, and homynyms; The Heavenly City, a reversal of hell, parody of rationalism, and narration of aporia; and Consolation, a dialogue between philosophy and poetry about chance and will.

EMILY SKAJA lives in Philadelphia.

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