April 26: Zuzga, Rumble, Bohn

Saturday, April 26th at 8PM - Come hear the sounds of Jason Zuzga, Ken Rumble, and Shelby Bohn:

JASON ZUZGA’s poetry has appeared in VOLT, LIT, FENCE, Spork, Eoagh, Cue, and elsewhere. He had a residency at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown 2001-2002 and was the James Merrill Poet-in-Residence 2005-2006. He is the nonfiction editor of FENCE. He is currently in the English PhD Program at the University of Pennsylvania and has an MFA in poetry and nonfiction from the University of Arizona in Tucson and a BA from Brown, and he lived in New York for a good while, too. Watch him participate in the recent hallway leg of Dorothea Lasky's Tiny Tour.

KEN RUMBLE is the author of Key Bridge (Carolina Wren Press 2007) and an artist-in-residence at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative. His poems have appeared in Talisman, Alice Blue, the tiny, Parakeet, Fascicle, Coconut, One Less Magazine, Cranky, From the Fishouse, and others. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

SHELBY BOHN hails from northern Virginia, although she should not be mistaken for a southern belle and firmly believes California is a better place for lovers. She hopes to graduate from Temple University in May and looks forward to spending the next five years as an over-worked, under-appreciated grad student in Pittsburgh. She's a self-proclaimed bookworm and never misses an episode of Jeopardy, even though her true genius is for Wheel of Fortune. She is currently working on a long piece entitled "War Diaries," excerpts of which will appear in Temple University's Hyphen (2008).

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